Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews

Product image 1Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews
Product image 2Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews
Product image 3Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews
Product image 4Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews
Product image 5Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews

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All Natural, 4 Simple Ingredients - Cow's Milk, Yak Milk, Salt, Lime Juice. No Artificial Ingredients, No Additives, No Preservatives -- Try That With the Big Brands.

• Sourced and Produced High in the Himalayan Mountains in Small Batches - Our Chews Are Not Produced by Heavy Machinery or Sourced from Unreliable Sources. They are Lovingly Produced by Age-Old Practices by Pet Lovers in Small Batches, With Your Pet's Best Interest at Heart

• 3 Piece Combo Pack - Each Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews Burlap Sachel Contains Two Medium and One Large Chew, Enough for Hours and Hours of Enjoyment by Dogs of All Sizes! While Most Dogs Finish a Rawhide in an Hour or Two, Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews are Designed for Hours and Hours of Chewing Enjoyment

• Improve Your Dog's Oral Hygiene in a Way They'll Enjoy! Studies Have Shown that Chewing on a Hard Chew, Such as a Himalayan Mountain Dog Chew, can Result in Improved Oral Hygiene, and a Reduction of Plaque and Tarter Build Up Along the Gumline

• Gourmet Reclosable Sachel - Your Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews Will Arrive Packaged Fresh, in a Plastic Baggie within a Deluxe, Gourmet Burlap Sachel. The Treats are Intended to Age and be Exposed to Air, so Enclosing them in the Sachel Between Uses Will Ensure they are Ready for Continued Chewing Fun!


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